Cooperative Care

Sometimes in order to care for our horses, we need to do things that might hurt, even though it will help in the long run. 

One of the ways in which we can make these situations more comfortable and less stressful is to ask our horses to cooperate. 

Here, Evita has a shoulder abscess that the vet has asked me to flush with salty water each day. Ouch!


Evita indicates when she is ready for me to do the flush by leaning toward my hand. She is free to walk away, but chooses to participate, making this procedure easy and stress free for both of us.

Loading and Travelling

Training for travelling is always worth the effort. 

Here Evita gets a refresher ahead of needing to travel to have surgery to remove a difficult sarcoid on her knee. 


Being able to call your horse and have him come running is more than just convenient, it can literally be a life saver if your horse gets loose!

One of the wonderful benefits of positive reinforcement training is that the horses love it, making recall really easy to train. 

Here, my three come running off spring grass to come and train, bringing the herd with them.