Private lesson spaces are available for students wanting to learn to train their horse with positive reinforcement. 

I travel to you for lessons, currently available Mandurah to Bunbury, WA.

To book a session or ask a question, fill out the contact form below to send an email, or give me a call.  

“I have great pleasure training my horses with Sara Jackson from Equestrian Balance. Sara is very approachable, innovative and supportive, teaching positive reinforcement training techniques. I find this training reduces confusion and resistance and opens up an honest 2 way communication system. A conversation based on trust and relationship, that I feel much more comfortable with.

Sara helps me to understand my horses emotional response/state during training and how we can set up the environment and training exercises to help my horses be calm and willing participants... It makes them feel good and my horses are motivated to learn new things. They are happy to see me and want to be the “chosen one” to come and train with me.”

Lisa Mantellato, Chidlow