Is it HOT where you are?

Help keep your horse cool this summer with a tasty horsey icypole!

It was 36 degrees C in the shade for the first time this summer yesterday. Yikes! We pretty much hid inside with the air-conditioning on, but I stepped out into the baking heat to give my herd these icy treats. Yummy!

Icy poles are a great enrichment which can help keep them cool whilst also allowing them to use their mouths to explore different tastes and smells and to investigate an icy cold sensation - all things they don't get to experience in a typical day.

Because that's what enrichment is all about - increasing our horses range of experience and allowing them to use their bodies to explore the world in ways they are designed to do, but may not normally get to do.

So, is it hot where you are? Would your horse enjoy a frozen treat to explore?

I've got you covered. I captured how I made the icypoles (mistakes and all!) on video, including what my horses thought of them, just for you my friend! Click below to watch what I did and get some tips to avoid the mistakes I made!

Om Nom Nom

© 2021 Sara Jackson


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